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Three Common Ways Auto Accidents In Issaquah Happen And Your Rights In Filing A Claim


Auto accidents are a leading cause of personal injuries in Washington State. Even a seemingly minor crash could cause you to suffer significant harm. Depending on how your injuries happened, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Issaquah auto accident attorneys explain three common types of crashes and your rights in filing a claim.

Determining Liability In A Washington State Auto Accident

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, close to 30,000 auto accidents occur in King County each year. Common causes include drunk driving, distracted driving, and other reckless driving behaviors, such as speeding and running red lights.

Auto accidents are complex events, and there are often underlying contributing causes.  These factors play a major role in determining liability. When filing a claim, there are three general types of crashes that impact your rights to compensation:

  • Auto accidents in which others clearly are at fault, such as when you are sitting at a red light when another driver hits you from behind.
  • Auto accidents in which you may be partly responsible, such as if you suddenly slammed on your brakes right before the other driver hit you;
  • Auto accidents involving multiple drivers, such as a multi-vehicle pile-up near Issaquah in early 2024, in which three motorists were involved in a head-on collision.

In the aftermath of any crash, notify the authorities immediately and get contact and insurance information for all drivers. Seek medical care as soon as possible and avoid making any type of statement admitting even partial liability. These statements could be used against you and may impact your rights in a claim.

Your Rights To Compensation In An Auto Accident Claim

When you are injured in an auto accident in Issaquah or anywhere else in Washington due to the reckless behavior of other drivers, you are entitled to compensation for your losses. However, under the Washington State Code, the total amount available varies based on your portion of the blame.

Some states follow the contributory negligence rule when it comes to compensation in an auto accident claim. This requires you to prove the other driver was 100 percent to blame for a crash, a strict standard that prevents you from getting compensation if you are even partially at fault.

Fortunately, Washington State follows the rule of comparative negligence. This means that each party can be held liable for their portion of the blame. As it applies to the above types of crashes, in order:

  • You may be entitled to compensation for each collision;
  • The amount of money available depends on the degree you were at fault;
  • In a multi-vehicle pile-up, liability may be divided among all drivers involved.

Contact Our Issaquah Auto Accident Attorney

Auto accidents are complex events, and determining who is at fault and to what degree is often challenging. To protect your rights in a claim, contact Injury Law Group NW. Request a free consultation with one of our Issaquah auto accident attorneys today.





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