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Highway Hypnosis Increase Issaquah Truck Accident Risks


Driving long hours on the road places a heavy burden on truckers. Getting distracted or feeling drowsy poses major risks and can increase the likelihood of truck accidents in Issaquah. Highway hypnosis is another common hazard that can make crashes more likely to happen, which often impacts other motorists. Our Issaquah truck accident attorney explains more about highway hypnosis and what both truck drivers and the companies they work for can do to prevent it.

What Is Highway Hypnosis and How Does It Make Truck Accidents In Issaquah More Likely To Happen

Highway hypnosis is a common phenomenon that can impact any driver. When taking long trips, driving routes you frequently travel, or on monotonous sections of road, there is a tendency to sort of mentally tune out. As you continue driving, you fall into a trance-like state and lose awareness of your surroundings. Before you know it, you may have gone considerable distances without even realizing it.

This poses obvious risks and can happen to any motorist, but truckers are particularly susceptible. According to Healthline, warning signs of highway hypnosis include feeling dazed or disoriented, having trouble keeping your eyes open and focused, and losing concentration. This can have serious impacts on driving abilities, making truck accidents in Issaquah more likely to happen. These include:

  • Slowed reflexes;
  • Dimmed awareness of the road of what is going on around you;
  • Unintentionally weaving in and out of your lane;
  • Failing to notice or adhere to posted speed limits;
  • Reduced reaction times.

How To Prevent Highway Hypnosis 

Drive Safe warns that highway hypnosis can happen to motorists when taking road trips or when commuting to work, running errands, or otherwise driving their usual routes. While it is similar to distracted and drowsy driving, it is in a category of its own. Unfortunately, it is common in the trucking industry and can trigger major truck crashes, which are likely to impact multiple other motorists on the road. Steps truckers can take to prevent it and reduce the risks include:

  • Avoid driving during hours you would otherwise sleep;
  • Take frequent breaks on long trips and when driving monotonous sections of road;
  • Switch up the routes you travel;
  • Lower the temperature in the truck cab;
  • Open windows and vents to increase air circulation.

Trucking companies can also help prevent highway hypnosis by giving truckers adequate time off to recover from trips and allowing plenty of time for them to reach their destination.

To Protect Your Rights In Filing A Claim, Contact Our Issaquah Truck Accident Attorney 

Truck accidents pose major risks to motorists in Issaquah and throughout Washington State. Highway hypnosis is a common cause. At Injury Law Group NW, we hold truck drivers and the companies they work for accountable for failing to take the needed precautions to prevent.

To get the professional legal representation you need in filing a claim, contact our experienced Issaquah truck accident attorneys. Request a consultation to discuss your case today.




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