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Injury Law Group NW’s attorneys have extensive experience litigating a wide variety of personal injury and property damage cases. In partnership with our clients, we take control of the case from the outset and work tirelessly to achieve justice for those who have been wronged.

Auto accident: semi-truck vs. minivan

Represented family of five, including three small children, in an auto accident on the I-5 freeway when a semi-truck and trailer overreacted to traffic conditions and smashed the family’s minivan against the concrete center barrier. Although physical injuries were thankfully and relatively minor, the psychological and emotional impact of the accident resulted in a mid-six-figure settlement.

Auto accident: transit bus strikes pedestrian

We successfully represented an elderly woman who was struck by a First Transit bus in a crosswalk in downtown Seattle and suffered a broken ankle. First Transit’s attorney was sanctioned many times by the Court for discovery violations throughout the case. Ultimately, just days before trial, First Transit settled for a mid-six-figure settlement.

Medical malpractice: parents of newborn sue hospital for death of other newborn

Fought hospital and OB-GYN to recover over $1 million for the family of a newborn who died from complications related to the Defendants’ failure to adequately test for Group B Strep before delivery. Case also resulted in changes being made to the hospital’s systems and procedures to ensure this tragedy never happens to anyone else.

Auto accident & PTSD

Obtained policy limits on behalf of a gentleman who was involved in a motor vehicle accident when the other driver turned unexpectedly right in front of him and he could not avoid the collision. We were able to convince the at-fault party insurer that our client suffered from PTSD as a result of the accident and policy limits were offered.

Traumatic brain injury from slip & fall

Obtained settlement on behalf of local non-profit after Plaintiff claimed she suffered a traumatic brain injury after tripping and falling at an arena event hosted by the organization. Settlement amount was less than 3% of trial exposure.

Traumatic brain injury: pedestrian injured by bus

Obtained settlement limited to orthopedic injuries on behalf of local school district after investigation of Plaintiff, who was struck by a school bus, revealed no objective evidence of claimed traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury: taxi vs. scooter

Obtained settlement of traumatic brain injury claim in taxi versus scooter accident where extensive investigation of the plaintiff revealed poor job history, prior erratic behavior, and neuropsychological faking during testing.

Fire destroys business

Obtained summary judgment dismissal of $48 Million fire loss claim where insurance company claimed its insured’s building was destroyed due to a fire allegedly caused by the negligence of our client, a nearby business, despite a widespread fire in the surrounding neighborhoods that had been started by an arsonist, and which had destroyed our client’s business, as well as several other nearby businesses.


We have successfully represented homeowners against contractors for faulty/defective workmanship resulting in recovery for property damage and repair & remediation costs and attorneys’ fees.

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