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Winter Weather Increases Issaquah Construction Accident Risks


Winter weather in Issaquah has the potential to be severe. Even if there is not a full-fledged winter storm, weather conditions can make engaging in any type of outdoor activity more difficult.

Fog, freezing rain, frigid temperatures, and snow accumulations all pose hazards to the public and people performing a variety of jobs. This is particularly true in the construction industry. Even under the best of conditions, it is one of the most dangerous job fields. If you or someone you love works in construction, our Issaquah construction accident attorney offers tips that can help reduce injury risks.

Common Winter Weather Hazards On Issaquah Construction Sites

The Old Farmer’s Almanac warns that winter weather in Washington State is likely to be colder than average during the 2023-2024 season. The potential for freezing rain and snow poses risks for residents, particularly those who work in the construction field.

Occupational Health and Safety Online warns that being outside for lengthy periods of time and exposed to the elements can lead to frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold-related injuries or illnesses. It also increases the risk of construction site accidents in Washington State. Common causes include:

  • Decreased visibility on construction sites due to fog, rain, snow, or frozen surfaces;
  • Greater difficulty gripping tools, machinery controls, and surfaces due to cold, numb fingers or wearing gloves;
  • Increased risk of slip and fall injuries, which can happen on ground level or from heights;
  • Motor vehicle and construction equipment accidents, due to skidding or vehicle malfunctions common in cold weather;
  • Construction equipment failure, due to frozen gears or other problems.

Ways To Reduce Issaquah Construction Accident Risks Over Winter

During the winter months, it is important for construction workers to be aware of increased accident risks and to take precautions that can help protect their safety on the job. To prevent broken bones, torn muscles and tendons, amputations, burns, or other common construction site accident injuries, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry recommends following some simple safety tips:

  • Dress in layers when working outside;
  • Make sure your head and hands are protected;
  • Keep an extra pair of socks and other gear handy, just in case yours gets wet;
  • Make sure your shoes have non-slip soles;
  • Take frequent breaks to warm up;
  • Avoid getting too close to outdoor fires or other heat sources;
  • Take your time performing tasks and avoid rushing;
  • Be aware of the increased potential for mechanical failures and glitches in tools, construction equipment, and power sources;
  • Make sure surfaces are clear of ice, including ladders and scaffolding;
  • Clearly mark excavations and other hazards.

Request A Consultation With Our Issaquah Construction Accident Attorney

Construction accidents are common during the winter months. Unfortunately, personal injuries you suffer as a result can impact your health and financial security for months or even years after. At Injury Law Group NW, we help you get the compensation needed to cover your recovery costs. To request a consultation with our Issaquah construction accident attorney, call or contact our office online today.




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