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Summer Travel Safety Tips: Sharing The Road With Truckers


Many people travel during the summer, and road trips are particularly popular throughout Washington State. Many of the routes you are likely to take are also traveled by truckers, and sharing the road with big rigs can be intimidating.

With I-90 running through our area, truck accidents in Issaquah pose serious risks. Our Issaquah truck accident attorneys share safety tips that can help protect you and your passengers.

Issaquah Truck Accident Risks

Interstate 90 runs through Issaquah, and truckers use it as one of their primary routes in and out of Seattle. Unfortunately, this increases the risk for other road users. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, nearly 2,000 truck accidents occur in King County each year.

Winter poses obvious risks when sharing the road with 18-wheelers, and ice and snow increase the odds of truck crashes. While conditions during the summer are far milder, the increase in vacation traffic can pose serious hazards.

Driving a truck is demanding. Truckers have tight schedules, are often on the road for long hours, and may not get a break for days on end. Unfortunately, in addition to being tired, heavy traffic can make them more likely to engage in dangerous and aggressive behavior. This includes:

  • Speeding and going too fast for traffic conditions;
  • Switching in and out of lanes;
  • Failing to yield at highway exits and entrances; and
  • Tailgating.

All of the above, as well as mechanical failures or truck driver errors, such as taking curves too fast, can cause truck accidents. These can result in potentially devastating personal injuries to other drivers and their passengers.

Safety Tips To Reduce Truck Accident Risks

Other motorists need to be aware of the risks when sharing the road with truckers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) warns that trucks have large no-zones on each side, in front of, and in the back of the rig, which causes other drivers to disappear completely from the trucker’s view.

Avoiding these blind spots can help to reduce the odds of being involved in an Issaquah truck accident. Other safety tips to practice on the road include:

  • Always give truckers plenty of room on the road;
  • When passing, do so quickly, but avoid cutting the trucker off;
  • If a truck is tailgating you, switch to another lane;
  • Use extra caution at night, when truckers are more likely to be distracted or tired.

If you are caught in a truck accident, notify the police, get contact information for the driver and the company they work for, gather any evidence possible, and seek immediate medical attention for your injuries.

Contact Our Issaquah Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck accidents pose serious risks to travelers during the summer months. If you or someone you love is hurt, get the professional legal representation you need from Injury Law Group NW. For trusted guidance in filing a claim, request a free consultation with one of our Issaquah truck accident attorneys today.




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