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Young, Inexperienced Workers At High Risk For Construction Accident In Washington State


The construction industry is booming, with numerous jobs available that offer decent wages. Teens in work-based learning programs and older but inexperienced workers are eager to gain the skills needed for a lucrative career. However, the construction field has one of the highest rates of accidental injuries. Young and inexperienced workers are among those most at risk.

After a recent case in which a teen lost both legs in a construction site accident in Washington State, our Issaquah construction accident attorney explains more about the hazards and precautions that help prevent injuries.

Construction Site Accidents In Washington State: Young, Inexperienced Workers Among Most Common Victims

Earlier this year, a 16-year-old boy lost both legs due to a construction site accident in Washington State. According to a January 25, 2024 KOIN News report, he was working on a job site in La Center last summer as part of a work-based learning program.

The young man was operating a trencher to dig a channel for fence posts when he got caught and dragged under the machinery. Injuries to both legs were so severe the doctors had no choice but to amputate.

He had a student-learner permit that offered exemptions from Washington State labor laws, allowing him to perform tasks otherwise reserved for adult workers. However, using a trencher was not one of the exemptions.

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (WSDLI) issued an order of restraint to the Vancouver construction company connected with the incident, temporarily stopping any work on the site. The DLI also issued several citations to the company for allowing the boy to use a trencher and not providing proper oversight and fines totaling over $150,000.

Protecting Young And Inexperienced Workers

The National Institutes of Health warns that the construction industry has a higher rate of accidents and injuries than any other job field. Hiring young, inexperienced workers allows construction companies to spend less on total labor costs while training new employees.

However, it is important for construction site owners and supervisors to be aware of the risks and to ensure young, inexperienced workers are properly protected. Steps that could help prevent them from suffering construction site accident injuries include:

  • Providing identifiers for young and inexperienced workers, such as different color work vests;
  • Clearly outlining the types of jobs they may or may not perform;
  • Making them aware of potential risks associated with different types of tasks;
  • Assigning more experienced construction workers to serve as mentors and monitors;
  • Emphasizing clear communications in reporting potential risks or safety violations.

When construction companies fail to prioritize safety and allow young and inexperienced workers to perform dangerous tasks, they can be held liable when personal injuries happen.

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