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Six Ways To Prevent Medical Malpractice In Washington State When Visiting Your Doctor In 2024


At the beginning of a new year, many of us make resolutions pertaining to our health. However, just a few months in, attempts at eating a more healthy diet, going to the gym, or making other improvements may already be forgotten.

One vital step you should not overlook is making sure you get the quality medical care you need. Unfortunately, medical malpractice in Washington State is common. Our Issaquah medical malpractice attorney shares six ways you can help prevent it from happening.

Protect Yourself Against Medical Malpractice In Issaquah 

Medical malpractice claims have reached epidemic levels across the United States. The Journal of American Medicine warns that, in the aftermath of COVID and amidst serious concerns over the quality of care today, a medical malpractice crisis could lie ahead, similar to one that occurred in the early 2000s.

Being cautious in choosing medical providers can help to reduce the risks. The following are six steps you can take to protect yourself against medical malpractice in Issaquah when attending appointments:

  1. Review your patient chart.

Carefully go over your patient chart to ensure it is properly completed. It should include your own health history and any conditions that tend to run in your family.

  1. Make your doctor aware of chronic health conditions.

The American Hospital Association reports that close to 150 million people throughout the U.S. suffer from some type of chronic health condition. Make sure your doctor is aware of your symptoms, any medications you are taking, and the specialists you visit.

  1. Report new symptoms.

To protect your health and prevent possible serious complications, report any new symptoms to your doctor. Make sure they are recorded on your chart and do not let medical providers downplay your situation.

  1. Ask questions.

Most doctors deal with back-to-back appointments throughout the day. Their busy schedule means your visit is likely to be rushed. Make a list of any questions you have in advance and push to get the needed answers.

  1. Request standard testing.

There are numerous types of medical tests that can help in diagnosing potentially serious conditions. Research what is standard in your particular case and request your doctor run these tests.

  1. Get a second opinion.

Doctors are only human and can make mistakes the same as anyone else. If you have any concerns about the quality of care you receive, are worried your doctor may be downplaying your symptoms, or are uneasy over the course of treatment, do not hesitate to get a second opinion.

Contact Our Issaquah Medical Malpractice Attorney And Request A Consultation

Medical malpractice in Washington State is unfortunately common and can have devastating impacts on your health. Reckless and negligent medical providers can be held accountable. At Injury Law Group NW, we provide the caring support and comprehensive legal service you need in filing a claim. Contact our Issaquah medical malpractice attorney and request a consultation today.




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